Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

I am 40 years old today.

My peers and cohorts are parents, physicians, homeowners, academicians. I am none of these. Thinking about that fact used to really bother me. Now I just don’t much care.


broke said...

hey eva - happy birthday for yesterday. Wish I was 40!

ibis said...

Happy BDay! And congrats on being able to remain an individual! To hell with what "society" says we should be :)

Pat Marcello said...

Happy belated birthday, Eva!

Wish I were 40. LOL

Pat Marcello

Austin of Sundrip Journals said...

supporter, friend, dependant, considerate, thoughful and thought provoking...these are the things i've noticed when reading your journal. and trust me, they count more than the bed side manner of a doctor and more than the piece of paper that says you own a home. remember who you are not who people think you should be.

happy birthday.

Eva J. Mah said...

Thank you for all the kind words, especially from Austin. It means a lot to me.