Thursday, June 22, 2006

I oughta be committed

Commitment. The "C" word. It strikes fear into the hearts of men and women alike. Why?

It brings to mind a sort of finality. Something permanent. Closes the door on other opportunities. Loss of independence.

I think it is really a fear of responsibility.

What's so bad about having someone care whether or not you are safe? I think it would be kinda nice to come home to someone who is fully expecting me to come home. It would be nice to have a place to call "home."

I unofficially live with my boyfriend, who lives with his parents. A strange situation, to say the least. I'm kinda like that stray cat that shows up on your doorstep and never leaves. Anyway, last night I told my boyfriend that even though I have some problems with staying in his parents' home, I have chosen to be there because I want to be with him. I have been wanting to tell him that for days now.

I think I have committed myself without using the C word.


andrena said...

I think the word commitment is scarey also (even though I would love to be committed or someone committed to me)..

p.s. thanks for the gazoo!!!

Eva J. Mah said...

Thanks for reading!

Nirah said...


Commitment is never something that anyone is able to take lightly